A Fleeting Visit to The Lake District - Jay Birmingham

A Fleeting Visit to The Lake District

This weekend brought a quick trip up North to the Lake District. The M6 was not our friend on the way up, however, so we couldn’t get to the Lake District before sunset. The sky was looking promising, and we didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to capture it, so we visited Plover Scar lighthouse on the Lune Estuary near Lancaster. The lighthouse was built in 1847, and has just been restored after being hit by a ship in 2016.

The sky was turning orange as we arrived, and waders were flying to and fro in front of the lighthouse. I had to work quickly taking photos, as the tide was coming in faster than I have ever seen before, so we had to keep running backwards, and had to be wary we weren’t being cut off from the land behind. Running aside, it was incredibly peaceful, and the sky did not disappoint.

The next day we set off at 4:30 am to look for a sunrise. We went to Rydal Water, which is one of the smaller lakes in the national park. This is near where William Wordsworth used to live, and apparently he loved looking at the lake. We understood why, as though the sunrise wasn’t as dramatic as we hoped for, there was a calm quietness, and the mist was gathering above the water. There was lots of wildlife too – cuckoos, woodpeckers, and lots of newborn lambs amongst others.

We thought we would try and cram as much in as possible, so we also visited Rydal Hall, in Ambleside, where there are some waterfalls and ‘The Grot’. Built in 1669, ‘The Grot’ is thought to be one of the oldest viewing houses in the UK, and poets and authors would visit to be inspired. It is in very good condition, and is definitely unique.

Blea Tarn was also on the list. It is definitely a gem of Little Langdale, and we were rewarded with almost perfectly still water. As well as being extremely picturesque, it is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, as the sediment is unchanged since the last Ice Age.

Tarn How was our last stop – we made a mistake with the car parking, and chose the less convenient place to park. However, we were pleased in the end, as the steep walk up the hill gave us the opportunity to see Tom Gill falls.

Although this visit was very short, we were pleased, as we haven’t done well in the Lake District before, usually arriving during heavy rainfall. We plan to visit again next month, and are hopeful for some good sunrises and sunsets!

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