A Week in Hope - Jay Birmingham

A Week in Hope

Mushroom Falls

If you read my blog, you’ll know that we visited the Peak District in the searing heat towards the end of July. We returned, about a month later, and found that the weather was very different! It was mainly a week for relaxing, and catching up with friends and family, but I did manage to take a few photos, which I will share with you.

We walked round Derwent and Howden Reservoirs to see how they looked after the long, dry summer. The reservoirs round here have quite an interesting history, which I have written about before. As the water is currently extremely low, things have started to show that would normally be underwater. We could see the foundations of the railway that was constructed to carry stones for the dam construction. The water usually covers this, so it was interesting to see the landscape looking different.

As the weather was quite grey, it was a good opportunity to find some smaller compositions, and we visited two places with flowing water – Wyming Brook, and Padley Gorge. I found a mushroom (although I’m not sure which type!) at Wyming Brook, so enjoyed taking some close-ups.

Mushroom Island

Win Hill was very close to where we were staying, so we walked up for sunset one evening. It is only 1,516 ft, but still enjoys spectacular views of the surrounding hills, and of Ladybower Reservoir. There was a band of cloud which prevented most of the colour showing, but it was still an enjoyable place to watch the last daylight seep away.

Win Hill Dusk

Another place I hadn’t found before was a barn on a hill near Winnats Pass. I visited this twice during my stay – I think there is a dramatic composition there somewhere, but the sun didn’t quite set as I’d hoped. Nevertheless, I quite liked one of the shots from the middle of the day in black and white. The walk down near Peveril Castle was fairly slippery, and it looked very different from the last time we had been there (walking up that time) in the snow!

Winnats Barn
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