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Everything Can Change!

My wife and I decided that we would visit the Peak District to try and capture some mist. I had taken a shot at Winnats Pass a few weeks ago on a stunning morning when my wife was working and she wanted the chance to also photograph something similar. As we got to the outskirts of the Peak District, the clouds darkened, yet sunlight was still streaming through and we kept our eyes peeled for rainbows. Sure enough, as we were travelling down the road, the end of a rainbow appeared and we quickly jumped out of the car and took a few pics.

We decided to head for Curbar Edge as we knew we could get up quickly and it wasn't long before sunset. The sunset wasn't as dramatic as we hoped for, but we got some interesting silhouette shots.

The next morning we headed for Winnats Pass. Our hopes of mist and a spectacular sunrise were quickly dashed. After a while standing around just getting cold, we headed down, had some breakfast and decided what to do next. With it being overcast, we headed for Wyming Brook to get some slow-moving water images. It was lovely, but I think it will be even better once the autumn colours really develop.

As the clouds were starting to look a little moody, we decided to try and get high and remote, but without a slog, so we headed for Stanage Edge. Taking photos of the millstones on the way up, we went along the edge to just above the plantation there, before heading back to the millstones for sunset, which was blocked by the clouds. With no sun, but clouds that were moving, I got out my Big Stopper and took a 3 minute exposure.

The following morning  we again attempted Winnats Pass, but again the clouds were not playing ball. There were no colours, no dramatic sunrise and certainly no mist. We took some photos of silhouettes and a shot to convert into black and white later.

We packed up our things, slightly disappointed with the two mornings and started walking back towards the car. Just as we got to the style, the magic happened...

A beam of light appeared on the horizon. It was near the cement works, and we just happened to be in one of the best places for seeing the pass and the cement works. Tripods were quickly set up and sure enough a few more beams of light appeared including the image below.

What I hope the photograph shows is that when things aren't looking great, you never know when they are going to change, and there is always a light at the end of the road...

The Light at the End of the Road

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