Feeling The Heat In The Peaks - Jay Birmingham

Feeling The Heat In The Peaks

As it isn’t raining during the UK summer (for once), we decided to go camping in the Peak District. We picked a quieter campsite than last time, fortunately, and got ready to go exploring!

We had a stroll near Surprise View, and then spent a while trying to find a vantage point to shoot Hope Cement Works with the sun through its huge windows, but it wasn’t working, so we went up to Stanage Edge for sunset. It’s a gritstone edge that goes on for miles, and has great views across the Peak District.

The next morning, we awoke bright and early and went to Winnats Pass. We have been many times over the last year and a half in our quest for a cloud inversion (I witnessed one last year but my wife was at work so couldn’t join me!). Alas, it was not to be on this occasion, there was a touch of mist, but nothing more – probably a side effect of the searing heat! The warm temperatures had, however, produced some lovely warm tones, a little different from the usual green.

As the day heated up, we thought we would go and explore somewhere cooler, so headed to the Monsal Trail. This is an old railway line, with four big tunnels that are lit artificially. The tunnels were opened to the public in 2011, after being shut since 1968. It was good to explore these relics of a time past, and we definitely appreciated being out of the heat briefly!

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, we decided to explore Magpie Mine. This is the site of former lead mine. We have talked about visiting there for a while, and it was definitely interesting to have a look round. It’s got quite an interesting history. In 1833, three miners from a neighbouring mine (Maypitt) were suffocated, and twenty-four Magpie miners were put on trial for murder. The three deceased miners are said to haunt Magpie Mine, and although we didn’t notice this, the place definitely has an atmosphere about it – we spent several hours there and there wasn’t a soul to be seen – just the imposing buildings and machinery and the sky.

On our last morning, we went up to Higgar Tor to take a few shots – we went here on our last time here, but on this occasion it was a bit overcast, so not a stunning sunrise.

It was an enjoyable way to pass a few days, and we plan to return to the Peak District next month.

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