More Competition Success - Jay Birmingham

More Competition Success

I am delighted that one of my photographs was chosen as the winner for the Solution Loans Autumn Photography competition. The competition apparently received hundreds of entries from Europe and Asia on the theme of 'On a Journey', so it was a wonderful surprise when I received the email informing me that my image had been chosen, and the prize of £250 is also nice just before Christmas.

The judges said:

"We found this image more dramatic the more we looked at it. The early morning fog in the valley is in itself rather eerie. Watching the cars on their journeys descending into the valley only for their red tail lights to be swallowed up by the mist is also disconcerting. The photographer can see what the cars cannot - until the last minute. But they are so far away that even if they wanted to warn them there is nothing they can do. We admired the overall composition with the red tail lights drawing the eye towards the fog in the valley. The slowly rising sun's red glow helps to enhance the overall feel of the shot. Great work!"

You can visit the site here and even post a comment at the bottom of their page.

Outdoor Photographer of the Year

Fairy Glen

I am extremely proud to have my image 'Fairy Glen' shortlisted for the Outdoor Photographer of the Year Competition 2017. Looking at the quality of this year's competition, and hearing a number of very talented photographers mentioning that they didn't have any images shortlisted, this is big achievement. Although it may go no further this time, it is now one of my ambitions for the future to get an image featured in this prestigious competition and resulting book.You can see the full shortlist here.

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