Searching for Mist - Jay Birmingham

Searching for Mist

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. As the landscape changes from green to orange, the temperature drops and the morning light can be beautiful. We are avid weather forecast watchers, and we thought that there might be some good conditions, so we set the alarm rather early, and drove to the Peak District.

The drive itself was rather eventful, as we found ourselves in a 40 minute traffic jam on the M1. This took place before 5am, so was quite unusual. However, we had decided to leave extra-early in order to give ourselves some time for location scouting. The scouting had to go out of the window, but we did arrive in time for sunrise.

Winnats Sunrise

It was a chilly morning (we had ice on the car, and the temperature was hovering at -3.5 degrees on the way up) so we put our layers on and hurried over to Winnnats Pass. As always, we were hoping for that ever-elusive cloud inversion, which didn’t happen, but there was some lovely mist hanging over Hope Cement Works. This is the UK’s largest cement plant, and produced 1.5 million tonnes of cement last year (0.05% of the world’s production). We like it, because it sometimes pumps smoke through the mist. It is an interesting juxtaposition of the beauty of nature and the steady march of man upon it.

As it was still a little misty we went over to Padley Gorge, where the leaves are just starting to turn orange. Like Winnats Pass, the place was teaming with photographers – it’s lovely to see so many like-minded people, all enjoying the National Park. There were quite a few funghi growing at the gorge, so we had fun taking photos of them (I'm not up to identifying them yet, although I have bought a book to help me learn!).

Finally, we paid a visit to Castleton Visitor Centre. If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I won the ‘Adventures in the Uplands’ photography competition earlier this year, and the photos have been doing a little tour. I’ve only seen one of my photographs being displayed before, so I felt honoured to be able to see a different one, and to have a proper look at the other entries, which include some fabulous work.

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