Rushup Dusk

Winter is finally here!Of the many photography I have taken, one of the scenes that is strangely absent from my collection are landscapes covered in snow. I say strangely because I do enjoy getting out into the snow and there are crampons, ice axes and winter boots in my cupboard at home. I think that in the past it has been all about getting and enjoying the winter mountains and I have not really concentrated on taking pictures.  So, this year, as soon as the reports of snow came in, I headed straight for the Peak District. What was surprising is that the snow was very localised when I got there, with much of it around Mam Tor. 

Arriving at Mam Tor, however, I noticed that the crowds had already made their mark, and so my wife and I headed up Rushup Edge, which is on the other side of the road. The snow here was a little deeper and a little less disturbed.

We stood in the cold for quite a while taking pictures. As sunset approached, some colours started to appear, but just then the clouds rolled in and more snow and hail were dumped on the landscape and on us. It became difficult to take photos and so along with others who were caught on the hills, decided to head back down the hill. Part way down, however, the dark clouds blew over leaving some beautiful sunset colours behind. So we rushed  (well if you can call waddling in mountain boots, layers of clothing and carrying a tripod rushing) back up the ridge and started snapping away. I am pleased to get a snowy image before Christmas - as the image does look attractive as a Christmas card!

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