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The Summer Holidays Begin!

The summer holidays have begun, so I am in a great mood, and have a few little adventures planned (and one big one!). The first of these was a trip to Norfolk. It wasn’t entirely a photography trip, as we spent quality time catching up with family and friends, and doing some touristy things (a great day out in North Norfolk) but I did go and take a few snaps. We also had a little introduction to ‘country life’, and as the good weather meant it is harvest time, we saw lots of combine harvesters clearing the crops (and my wife even had a ride in one!).

We took an evening trip to Happisburgh (pronounced Hays-boro) and took some minimalist log exposure shots.

The day had been hot and clear, and I wasn’t convinced there would be much of a sunset. However, you don’t get any pictures if you don’t try, so we were pleased we’d made the long drive over there, as the sky was an incredibly bright orange (possibly dust from the Sahara), and the lighthouse was stood out against the crops. Happisburgh possibly won’t be around for too much longer – over the last 15-20 years, a number of houses have vanished, as the cliffs have crumbled into the sea.

We have been to Thurne before in the mist, but after seeing a promising forecast, I couldn’t resist a return visit. It was a 3:30 alarm, but the view was worth it.

Thurne Dyke Windpump was built in 1820. It was had varied restoration work done on it, but still looks exactly as you’d like a windmill to look!

St Benet’s Level Windpump was older – it was built in 1775; however, it blew down at the end of the 19th century, and has since been restored to be fully operational.

As the mist cleared, we were delighted to see the damselflies awaken, and sit out in the warming sun to dry their wings, ready to enjoy a sunny Norfolk day.

A heron also flew out of the reeds. Fortunately I have a custom setting for such occasions, as I'm not usually taking anything moving quickly. I liked the contrast, so converted it into black and white.

On our final morning in Norfolk, we went to Caister-On-Sea. There was an incredible thunderstorm, and we did hope to get some photographs of lightning, but where we were the rain was torrential, and the lightning was very close to the car, so we thought we wouldn’t get our our metal tripods and umbrellas!!! However, the storm did stop just as dawn broke, and the sky was moody – perfect for long exposures.

Towards the Light

After that, the clouds vanished, the sun came out, and we headed to the beach before heading back home. It was a perfect start to the summer – great company, a chance to relax, and interesting sunrises!

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